Theory 3 – Form

‘x is an artwork if and only if: (1) x has content (2) x has form (3) the form and content of x are related to each other in a satisfyingly appropriate

Form follows function.

Doris Lessing ‘The Cleft’ – This novel has form in {form of} the narrative/story/plot. With this being a literary piece of work the form and content inevitably co-exist.
Hans Giger ‘Necromonicon’ – If Necromonicon was viewed in the traditional interpretation of formalism then it would not be considered to posses significant form due to the fact that the primary function is to scare people and certainly not to ‘invite the appreciation of significant form’.

Neo-formalism fixes that though. The image below was used as the front cover of Necromonicon. The content consists of a satyr sitting on a throne of skuls surrounded by naked women/aliens, snakes and pentagrams. The form is the relationship between all of these elements. The women are cradled among the snakes, the snakes are intertwined within the pentagrams. The satyr is connected to these elements by its throne. The color scheme is cold with greys and sepia tones, this is further emphasized by the snakes as they breathe frost/smoke.  There is a sense of balance and symmetry to this painting which overall makes the content and form of this painting visually stimulating.


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