Theory 4 – Aesthetics

‘x is an art work if and only if x is produced with the intention that it possess  a certain capacity, namely the capacity of affording aesthetic experience’.

Doris Lessing ‘The Cleft’ –  The aesthetics in this book are derived from its content and as such would be classed as a ‘content orientated account‘, ie ‘The Cleft is an artwork because it is intended to present unities, diversities and/or intensities for apprehension’. Apprehension states from the plot/narrative, this is essential in creating a successful book and Doris Lessing very much succeeds in this.

Hans Giger ‘Necromonicon’ – Theres no doubt that ‘Necromonicon’ provides an intense aesthetic experience for viewers. For me, it is the appreciation of the immense detail and imagination obvious in his paintings that is awe inspiring. For others it could be horror. The artists aesthetic intention here is to portray the beauty of the human figure and the skeleton. By introducing bio-mechanical elements the appreciation of the human of elements increases.


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