Theory 7 – Post-Modernism

Anything goes..

Doris Lessing ‘The Cleft’ – ‘The Cleft’ could be classed as a post-modern piece simply due to the fact that Lessing ‘appropriated’ events/notions from history such as the pre-60s socially accepted notion that women belonged in the kitchen and were nothing but baby and homemakers. She then transformed this fact into a piece of fiction that focuses primarily on this notion and applied it to a story that sees women in these exact roles.

Hans Giger ‘Necromonicon’ – Post-Modernism has a preference for abstract or non-realist forms, and the desire to effect a complete break with the past. This is very much the case with ‘Necromonicon’. With anthropomorphic features on nightmarish bio-mechanical aliens, Necromonicon couldnt get any further from the realists.


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